Career Counseling and Coaching

When you are unhappy at work, your entire life is affected. Transitioning to a new job, struggling with a difficult boss or co-worker, working too much (perhaps a workaholic), stress and performance anxiety, or feeling unfulfilled with your career can begin to erode your self-confidence and spill over into your relationships. Together we can assess your career wants and needs and tackle the emotional obstacles between you and your goals.

In addition to Career Counseling, I have a special interest in people who are or want to be entrepreneurs and small business owners. Starting, sustaining, or inheriting a business can be stressful, but I often find that people's search for growth and happiness leads them to a career change. Clients often say I am logical and practical, can see the big picture, and help them focus their energy. With a new-found drive, confidence and strategies I help people realize their dreams, passion and find their optimal worl/life balance.

My role is to help you feel satisfied, balanced and have the career you want.

Career Counseling and Coaching includes:
Gaining Work Life Balance
Wanna-be Entrepreneurs
Career and Life Transitions
Gaining Self Confidence and Self Esteem
Skill Building in areas like Time Management, Stress, and other Life Skills
Encouragement and Support
Building Self Worth

Individual and Couples Counseling dives deeper by exploring:
Performance Anxiety
Gaining Self Confidence and Self Esteem
Public Speaking and Other Fears
Anxiety and Stress

To explore the emotional impact of your work on your relationships, I offer marriage, couples and family counseling as well. Your partner can contribute by being supportive, becoming a coprenuer (working together in the same business), or having their own business and being an entrepreneur as well. Each of these couples have unique challenges relating to their love life and work life that will be explored in our time together.

Let's work together to help you live a happier, brighter and more balanced life. Contact me today.

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