Living Your Best Austin Life | By Heather McPherson

8 Things America Gets Wrong About Sex... The Huffington Post

Austin Entrepreneurs, use storytelling to grow your business. Austin Business Journal

Choosing between making money and doing what you love. Harvard Business Review

What's an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever... Read it now.

Time Magazine declares 2012 the Year of the Entrepreneur .

Austin is one of the best cities in the nation, we already know, but this year end recap from the Austin Business Journal wraps up the 'best-of' and 'top city' lists that ranked Austin in 2011.

Texas has the best business climate in the nation, passing North Carolina which held the honor for the past 10 years. See the article in the Austin Business Journal here . The original article is available in Site Selection magazine, click here .

The Jobs Council recommends a comprehensive, multi-sector, multi-year plan that focuses on entrepreneurship, young and small businesses to help create jobs and a sustainable economy. Their report .

The US scores well, but this is why women love Scandinavia! The best and worst places to be a woman .

I've got two helpful posts for you today. The first is from the Wall Street Journal and is on Updating a Resume for 2011 . The second post is an amazing guide for any startup or small business. I have been living by it! It's the Ultimate Online Marketing Recipe .

A 24 hour social media marketing plan for your Startup. Lots of great tips here. Spread the word about your business.

"Keep Austin Weird," Buy Local culture helps Austin Lead the Nation in Small Business Climate and Creation

Your morning cup of coffee, with a dash of entrepreneurial advice! The Progress Coffee Way

Starting or growing a business can be a stressful time and unfortunately life events often get in the way. It's important to have a plan for dealing with personal crisis in your life, whether at home or at work: Prepare for Personal Crisis

Kiplinger magazine's picks for 10 Best Cities for the next decade: Austin is Number 1!

For those of you, like me, who are intrigued and have been watching "Necessary Roughness" on the USA Network: The Real Psychotherapist behind Necessary Roughness

Giving back to your community is an important part of success. It's also often beneficial for mental health. The Entrepreneurs Foundation is a great local business that provides a way to give, and they take care of the details for you: Local Philanthropy

Austin named one of the top cities for young entrepreneurs: Under30CEO Magazine

Short, funny and to the point, but a lot of good information is in this one:
8 Secrets to Success (in business, life, competitive eating, whatever)

Seth Godin is one of the most widely acclaimed speakers, writers and bloggers on marketing and business ideas for our online agre. I could spend hours just browsing his personal site . The video below is his Ted Talk on "tribes".

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